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hand made to order
Sculptures by Paul Dunkerley

Create a talking piece for your home,  commission amazing art for your home. As seen on BBC One's Home Is Where The Art Is

About Me

My Background


I have been creating and producing semi-abstract sculpture, semi-professionally for the past 12 years. 

Having studied art at Manchester Met, I kind of fell out of love with art for a time and fell into a career in graphics, publishing and technology. It took  another twenty years before I rediscovered the therapy of sculpture  - which eventually led to a number of exhibitions, competitions and commissions. 

In April 2019 I appeared on BBC One's Home Is Where The Art Is (episode 14) as a winning artist. 

 They say success is the product of hard work  preparation and numerous failures (also known as lessons) - I like to think I'm still learning - I just pray I don't make a complete fool of myself in the process.

My Work


The creative starting point is more about  instinct than planning.


 Whether figurative or non figurative, 3-D or wall relief, it all starts with a few loose concepts based around shapes or structures I've noticed.  I then develop these in clay before the hard work starts of moulding and casting several times, each time changing it until it's 'final cast ready'. 

The end product is a stylised, abstract work, using a range of materials including  wood, resin, metal or stone.

The entire  process is done by hand and made to order - so it can take several weeks for each unique piece to  be made.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss new commissions or see something on the gallery page that appeals. 

My Motivation


I love getting lost inside a creative urge. No room for distractions. Time can find its own damn way without me.

My work can feature technical repeating patterns  or more whimsical, flowing shapes, either way people often use their own imaginations to create connections and relevancy  - which saves me a tonne of work to be honest. 

The great thing about sculptural work is its relationship with light. At any point in a day, whether it's sunny or rainy, am or pm, new shadows and highlights make us see the objects in different ways and find different connections.